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Bak in ‘n blompot

Source Unknown

Source Unknown

Die resep gaan lekker werk vir potjies:


Rencia Odendaal Pretorius

1 pakkie cheese en bacon potatobake

300ml gerasperde kaas

100ml melk

300 gr aartappels – geskil en gerasper

450gr bruismeel

1 eier

Meng meel en potato bake

Voeg aartappels en kaas by en meng deur

Meng eier en melk en meng by bg mengsel

Knie net effe deur

Maak in bol vorm en sit in pannetjie

Smeer bietjie melk bo-oor

Strooi bietjie droe pietersielie en paprika oor (opsioneel – dit gee die broodjie net mooi kleur)

Bak vir 45/50 min by 180 grade C

Bron Onbekend

Bron Onbekend

Gebruik klaar voorafbereide brooddeeg, rol net bolletjie , of 3 klein bolletjies, smeer potjie goed met botter, sit in en gooi bietjie paprika en pietersielie oor en bak tot gaar

Source Unknown

Source Unknown

Bak cupcakes in potjies, of selfs jou vrugtekoekies vir kersfees, versier met lint en gebruik as nagerg by jou Kerstafel.

Bron Onbekend

Bron Onbekend

Bak die broodjie in cupcake houertjies wat jy binne in die potjie sit.Gebruik as voorgereg by jou kerstafel saam met verskillende smere.

Photo smuckers.ca

Photo smuckers.ca

Oulike Chocolate mud pudding!

Maak Chocolate Mousse en gooi in Terracotta potjies, strooi gekrummelde Crunchie koekies bo-op en sit so 1 of 2 vars blommetjies bo-op – steek die steeltjie binne in die Mousse dat die blom/me regop staan. Jy kan selfs n suur-wurm sweetie bo-op sit.


Blueberry, Coconut & Lime Ice Cream

Blueberry Icecream - Foto BBC Food

Blueberry Ice cream – Foto BBC Food


This zingy ice cream is really worth making – and you don’t even need to use an ice cream maker.

Can be frozen when un iced

Serves 4 – 6

BBC Good Food


2 limes

140g golden caster sugar

125g punnet blueberries

200ml carton coconut cream

284ml carton double cream

extra blueberries , to serve



Finely grate the zest from one of the limes and squeeze the juice from both. Put in a small pan with the sugar and heat gently, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Add the blueberries and simmer for 2 minutes, just until the skins start to split.

Pour the blueberry mixture into a bowl and stir in the coconut cream. Leave to cool. Whip the cream in a large bowl until it just holds its shape, then gradually stir in the blueberry mixture. Put the bowl in the freezer for about 1 hour, until the mixture is set about 3cm in from the edges.

Remove from the freezer and mix it all together using a whisk. When it’s fairly smooth, return to the freezer for a further hour, then repeat the whisking one more time. Transfer the ice cream to a rigid container, cover and freeze until firm, or for up to a month. Before serving,move to the fridge for 30 minutes to soften it. Serve with extra blueberries scattered over.

Wenk :  Hierdie resep kan jy die vrugte vervang met blueberries in dieselfde hoeveelheid.

Nog ‘n resep – source unknown


3 large eggs

1 1/2 cups sugar

2 tablespoons all-purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

4 cups 2% reduced-fat milk

1 cup whipping cream

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

5 cups peeled nectarine slices, (about 2 3/4 lb.)

1 cup sugar $

2 tablespoons butter $

3/4 cup slivered almonds

3/4 teaspoon salt


Process nectarines and sugar in a food processor 30 to 45 seconds. Transfer to a large bowl; cover and chill 2 hours.

Melt butter over medium-low heat in a medium skillet; add almonds and salt. Cook almonds, stirring frequently, 3 to 5 minutes or until toasted and golden. Pour nut mixture through a fine wire-mesh strainer, shaking to remove excess butter and salt. Stir almonds into nectarine mixture; cover and chill until ready to use.

Beat eggs at medium speed with an electric mixer until frothy. Stir together sugar, flour, and salt until well blended. Gradually add sugar mixture to eggs, beating until thickened. Gradually add milk, beating until blended.

2. Cook egg mixture in a Dutch oven over medium-low heat, stirring constantly, 15 to 20 minutes or until a candy thermometer registers 170°. (Mixture should be thick enough to coat a spoon.)

3. Fill a large bowl or pan with ice; place Dutch oven in ice, and stir occasionally 10 to 15 minutes until custard is completely cool. Transfer mixture to an airtight container; cover and chill 8 hours. Stir in whipping cream, vanilla, and desired fruit blend.

4. Pour mixture into freezer container of a 1-gal. electric ice-cream maker, and freeze according to manufacturer’s instructions. (Instructions and freezing times will vary.)

Jy kan dit ook maak sonder die roomys maker. Volg net die vorige resep se aanwysing van vries en klop en vries en klop.

Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter Pudding with Chocolate

Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter Pudding with Chocolate

Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter Pudding with Chocolate

1 six-pack hot cross buns, halved
2 cups fat-free milk
3 eggs
3 tbsp cocoa
3 tbsp artificial sweetener
100g dark chocolate grated (optional)

Preheat oven to 180*C. Lightly butter an ovenproof dish and line it with the buns in rows (in one or two layers, depending on size of dish). Mix cocoa powder with a little of the milk to make a paste; add this to milk and eggs, and beat gently to blend. Pour mixture over buns and allow them to soak up the liquid. Cover with grated chocolate. Place in the preheated oven until custard has just set (about 20 to 30 minutes).

Chocolate Bird nest on spoon for Easther

Chocolate Bird nest on spoon for Easther

Chocolate Bird nest on spoon for Easther

(cook food for kids)

Chocolate Bird nest on spoon for Easther 2

What you need: 1/3 Cup Chocolate chips, mini chocolate eggs, chocolate sprinkles and 8-10 plastic spoons

Chocolate Bird nest on spoon for Easther 3

Microwave chocolate chips at half power (50-60%) for 45 seconds and stir

Chocolate Bird nest on spoon for Easther 4

Microwave at half power (50-60%) for another 45 seconds and stir until smooth

Chocolate Bird nest on spoon for Easther 5

Dip the spoon in chocolate

Chocolate Bird nest on spoon for Easther 6

Remove extra chocolate from spoon.  Make sure there is only a thin layer of chocolate on the spoon.

Chocolate Bird nest on spoon for Easther 7

Place mini chocolate eggs on the spoon

Chocolate Bird nest on spoon for Easther 8

Sprinkle chocolate sprinkles

Chocolate Bird nest on spoon for Easther 9

Remove sprinkles that stick on top of eggs.  Let it set real well before serving