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Ingelegde avokadopeer en gevriesde Avokadopeer

Ingelde Avocado's - photo lafujimama.com

Ingelegde Avocado’s – photo lafujimama.com

Ingelegde Avo’s

Madri Cordier

175ml Olyfolie
18 Teelepels Suurlemoensap
175ml Appelasyn of witasyn
30ml Country garlic en herb (Robertsons)
Gemaalde swartpeper
Skud bogenoemde goed saam.
Berei avo’s voor en sny in kwarte of in blokkies soos verkies. Bedruip liggies met suurlemoensap om te verhoed dat dit verbruin. Mikrogolf op hoof vir 1 minuut. Laat effens afkoel en gooi in bottel met sousie. Kan tot 2 maande bere…

Wenk: Dit is net bietjie aan die suurkant maar gooi maar bietjie suiker by as jy dit oopmaak

How to Freeze Avocados

Hass Avocado website

Did you know avocados can be frozen?
Though Fresh Hass Avocados are preferred for their taste and versatility, with the proper preparation, pureed avocados can be frozen and used in guacamole dips, dressings and spread on sandwiches.

Whole, cut, diced or mashed avocados do not have as desirable of a result when frozen. Guacamole can often contain other ingredients that do not freeze well so we do not recommend freezing guacamole.

Follow the instructions below to get the best possible result when freezing pureed Hass Avocados.

1. Wash – Wash the outside of the avocados thoroughly by holding them under running water or in your selected produce wash.
Find more avocado washing and preparation tips.

2. Cut – Cut and peel the avocados.

3. Puree – Place the peeled avocados in a food processor or blender. Add a ratio of one tablespoon of an acidic agent like lemon or lime juice for each avocado you are freezing. Puree until smooth. This will ensure that the lemon or lime juice is evenly distributed to help to prevent the avocados from turning brown. Mashing the avocado rather than pureeing yields a less desirable result because the acidic agent is unevenly mixed in.

4. Package – Place the pureed avocado into an air-tight container. Leave ½ to 1 inch of headspace in the container to allow for expansion. Close your container tightly and label accordingly. Freeze.

Frozen avocado puree must be used within four to five months of freezing.


Beef Fillet

Beef Fillet - Photo Fair Lady

Beef Fillet – Photo Fair Lady

Beef Fillet with Porchini Sauce

Nikki Werner – Fair Lady

Serves 4.

500g beef fillet
⅓ cup dried porcini mushrooms
sunflower oil
sea salt flakes and freshly ground black pepper
1 tbsp butter
2 shallots or 1 onion – very finely chopped
1 cup red wine
1 cup beef stock

Place the porcini in a shallow bowl and cover with ⅓ cup of just boiled water.
Leave to soak for 30 minutes.
Once softened, strain, reserving the liquid and rinse well to remove any residual grit.
Chop finely and strain the soaking liquid through a sieve lined with muslin cloth.
Cut the fillet into four 125 g pieces, rub each piece with sunflower oil and season well.
Heat a heavy based frying pan over medium high to high heat and add the pieces of fillet.
Cook for 5 minutes per side, turning only once.
Remove from pan and set aside to rest.
Add the butter to the pan and sauté the shallots over medium low to medium heat until softened but without colour.
Add the porcini and cook, stirring for 1 minute.
Add the porcini soaking liquid, wine and beef stock and simmer until reduced by half.
Serve the fillet medallions with the sauce spooned over the top

Elizabeth de Beer Jy kan ‘n marinade maak van sout peper balsamic vingar olyf olie en so tikkie suiker, net om ddie ergste suur van die asyn te breek en le jou fillet daarin vanaf die oggend tot braai tyd! Maak marinade volgens smaak!

Beef Fillet

Elize Bessell Nel

(feeds 4)
1 kg piece of fillet steak
salt, pepper and mustard powder
all the ingredients for the sauce of

your choice:
green peppercorn


1. Cut the fillet into 5 cm thick slices. This should give you about four slices per kilogram of fillet.

2. Grind salt and pepper onto all sides of each steak then dust mustard powder onto all sides of each steak as well. Wash your hands well then use your fingers to pat the condiments onto the steaks.

3. Braai over extremely hot coals for 8–10 minutes, making sure that all sides of each steak face the coals for at least 1 minute at a time. A 5 cm thick fillet steak will have at least four but possibly six sides.

4. Remove from the fire and let the steaks rest for a few minutes until serving. The time it takes for everybody to sit at the table, dish up their sides and pour the wine is probably enough.

5. Serve with your choice of sauce.