Allergic to coconut

You can use almonds as a substitute..

Fyn amandels en ideal melk. Mens kry die lekkerste makadamia olie wat net so eksoties in kos proe.!

So its ok to put ideal milk in a curry? Cool thanks

Sasha Kossmann U don’t need to cook with any coconut when making curry. – chop 1 onion roughly,throw in pressure cooker,a dollop of margarine,a tblspoon of oil,1/4 to a teaspoon of Rajah curry(the strength u like),add a tspn of turmeric,abt 100ml of vinager,3tblspns of sugar,fry onions a little in this mixture,add your meat of choice (chicken,lamb,beef,crocodile) spice with your regular spices- robertsons chick spice,garlic,chick-beef-or lamb stock,parsley,worchestershire sauce,paprika,nutmeg and cloves. Add enough water to pressure cooker and put lid on. Cook for approx 1hr. When done,remove lid and thicken with flour. Serve with banana and chutney on a bed of rice. This recipy can be used with fish as well,but use a deep pan instead of pressure cooker and use fish spice and garlic for spices and some lime juice. When done,add 1x 250ml of cream and thicken with flour.


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