Hoe om ‘n steggie van n Ivy plant af te pluk:

Ivy steggie

Ivy steggie

Clip a stem that is 4 to 6 inches long from an established ivy plant. For multiple ivy clippings, clip the desired number of stems from the plant, or clip one long stem and cut it into four 1 inch-long sections.

Remove the leaves from the lower portion of each ivy clipping. By removing two or three leaves, you expose the “nodes” of the ivy, which are small bumps from which the roots will form.

Place the clippings in a glass jar, and fill it with water until the nodes are submerged.

Set the jar in a sunny location, and refill the jar with water as needed to keep the water level above the nodes. Watch the plant for the next couple of weeks to view the progress of its root growth. The cutting is ready to plant when its roots are at least 3 inches in length.

Plant the ivy in a pot of fresh potting soil, and keep the soil moist as the ivy’s new roots establish themselves. Transplant the ivy to an outdoor area after three weeks, if desired, by planting the ivy’s soil and root system in a freshly dug hole. Follow the planting guidelines for your particular ivy species—some may require more shade than others


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