Versiersuiker – verskillende kleure

By: annaandblue

By: annaandblue

versiersuiker kleure

Ek sit die direkte skakel na die blad vir julle om te gaan kyk:



1 Kop witversiersuiker – maak versiersuiker met wit botter en moenie vanilje ingooi nie!

R – rooi / Y- yellow / B – blue / G green

Helpful Tip:  Pure white frosting is ideal for dyeing.  Don’t add vanilla extract as it will alter the color of the icing.

Make frosting in amazing new colors — with just a basic box of food coloring. You can mix these colors with a standard box of red (r), yellow (y), blue (b) and green (g) food coloring. Mix 1 cup frosting with the drops indicated. (Don’t be alarmed: 100 drops is only about 1 teaspoon.) If using store-bought white frosting, use the numbers in parentheses.

versiersuiker kleure 2

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